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VRIST shows how to train new leadership competencies in virtual reality during an event organized by Michael Page in Geneva!


Standardized Job Interview

You are a company and are looking for a standardized job interview solution as part of your application process to offer the applicants a fair and unprejudiced opportunity? We have the computer program for it and are pleased to adapt it for your specific needs.

Social skills training necessitates practice with social interaction partners. In immersive virtual reality, you practice with virtual humans who are always available, non-judgmental, and patient even if you repeat practice trials many times. Social situations are often stressful and immersive virtual reality training helps in learning to manage and overcome such social stress.

VRIST Social Skills Training is a spin-off company of the University of Lausanne.

 All trainings and computer programs have been developed by the University of Lausanne and are based on scientific evidence and on over 15 years of experience and expertise of the owners of VRIST in the use of immersive virtual reality for the simulation of social interactions. 

Develop social skills using virtual reality!

The University of Lausanne in Switzerland (UNIL) has developed the software "Virtual Reality Job Interview Training"  and the software "Virtual Reality Public Speaking Training" and is the bearer of all author rights and all other rights pertaining to the intellectual property concerning the softwares, its documentation and knowhow.

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Vrist's Job Interview Training
Job Interview Training (T.T.C./RTS/29.10.18)
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