Master interpersonal skills thanks to VR.
VRIST offers evidence-based training adapted to your needs (e.g. remote training) in multiple languages (English, French, and German) to foster:

The impact you deserve to have!


Job Interview Training Program

Looking for a job interview training program that you can make available to your collaborators or clients, we have the program for you.

Communication Training Program

Looking for an effective way to train your collaborators or client to manage challenging communication, we provide the program for you.


Research on Virtual Reality and on Interpersonal Skills Training are conducted within the Interpersonal Behavior Laboratory, the research laboratory led by Prof. Dr. Schmid Mast at the University of Lausanne. 

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From its creation to today, learn more about the life of VRIST.


This page gives you an up-to-date overview of the activities carried out by the founders of VRIST. From interviews to conferences, media to new projects, this page let you follow the life of VRIST.

Feel free to contact us in the language that suits you best. Our team is composed of English, French, and German speaking members. Furthermore, our services are also proposed in these languages.


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